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Agarwood Oil / Oud Oils
Agarwood oil or Oud oil is one of the most expensive material used in the perfumery industry. Why is it so expensive? It is because the raw material used to distill it is endangered and listed as CITES appendix II.  We can simply categorized agarwood oil into two forms, natural wild oil and farm oil.

Natural Wild Agarwood Oil - Agarwood Oil which has been distilled from wild agarwood trees, commonly through distillation.

Farm Agarwood oil/ Plantation Agarwood Oil - Agarwood Oil which has been distilled from cultivated agarwood trees, after they have been inoculated artificially for a period of time.

Many agarwood oil distiller whom u met or even the retail owners selling agarwood oil, will tell you that their agarwood oil is pure. So the key question is, how do we know and identify pure and adultered oil. Simple, all you have to do is to make sure that you have sniffed the real agarwood oil and use that as one of your reference. From there, slowly pick up those base, middle and top notes and see if you really like agarwood oil. Everyone has different preference and some agarwood oil when mixed with other good ingredient, really produce wonderful scent to be use in everyday.

The problem many people faced are, they are smelling those agarwood oil mixed with either buaya oil, diffferent region oil, lower grade oil, glycerin, fennel oil  and other essential oil. It's true that agarwood oil is used mainly as a base or as one of the ingredient for perfume making. To really check the oil's composition, we need to use the Chromatography- Mass Spectrometry (GS-MS) test to view it's compounds.

As a normal consumer, i would suggest to pick those agarwood oil which you prefer and more importantly, it does not cause irritation on your skin. Agarwood oil is strong and i would suggest to use a little on your skin to test and wait for it to tone down before applying it in large quantity. Most of the agarwood perfume on ther market are using syntethic agarwood oil, it gives a woody scent similar to some notes of the real agarwood but defninitely far away from the real expereince.

While in more developed countries, if you have the technology to induced higher resin content, it can be profitable as well. But, that is when the technology is available and more importantly, feasible to your costing. It just does not justify when your cultivated wood is much more expensive than those good quality natural wood.

Scent Natural Agarwood Oil versus Cultivated Agarwood Oil

With the improvements in inoculation technology, it's fairly easy to make the agarwood trees infected with resin and distilled them within months of treatment. While cultivated agarwood oil is often sold as natural one or mixed with lower grade, it's cheaper and more sustainable in a way compare to the past.

Natural Agarwood Oil (Generally regardless of region) -  Earthy, Sweet and Rancid.

Cultivated Agarwood Oil - Most of the cultivated agarwood oil has a sap and sour scent profile than the natural oil. It does not have the age and mature scent of natural agarwood oil, cultivated agarwood oil are mostly used in mass market perfumery due to it's affordability and supply.

Uses of Agarwood Oil in Major Perfume Brand
As early as YSL M7, which i still have a bottle of it, western perfumers have started experimenting oud/agarwood oil based perfume. Their approach is to tone down the strong organic arab style agarwood scent and create a western version out of it. Search online and you will find many brands carrying oud based perfume, Gucci, Chanel, Tom Ford, Versace, Ermenegildo Zegna and etc.

Niche and Smaller distiller
If you are looking for pure and original version of agarwood oil, there are a number of good sellers online each with their own distillation technique, material selection and marketing approach in selling their oil. Most distller embedded their own agarwood journey on their website and it's a good form of education and connection to buyers. Price are certainly on the high side and some of them uses good material for distillation as well.s

Our Agarwood Oil
We pride ourself in selling wild and natural oud. With stable source and access to wild agarwood, we can make full use of good quality raw materials in our hydro distillation and produce good classic agarwood oil.

The sweet and woody smell of agarwood oil last for hours before fading into lighter and warm earthy notes. Our  agarwood oil last more than 12 hours on normal wear and longer depends on each individual and applications.

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